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Super Copper Sulfate

March 8, 2017
Super Zinc Sulfate
April 11, 2017

Cu: 4000ppm, Zn: 3600ppm, Mg: 9%.

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– Quickly replenish the essential elements for plants: Zn, Mg, Cu. Quickly help coffee, pepper, durian and avocado nutritious, enhance the growth and productivity and quality of plants.

– Help the tree rapidly recover, grow small leaves, yellow leaves due to lack of Zn, Mg, and Cu.

– Increasing the ability to absorb NPK fertilizer for plants, help the plant thrive on the leaves.

* Zinc deficiency: Plants grow poorly, small leaves shape are elliptical or tongue, the shortened, and the leaf loses green on the leaf (loss of chlorophyll). Plants are slow to grow, yields decrease.
* Magnesium (Mg) deficiency: Plants reduce the absorption of NPK fertilizer, reduce photosynthesis, and reduce productivity. Lack of magnesium causes leaves to lose the green color between the veins. Leaves turn bright green to brown green or brass color.


Cu: 4000ppm, Mg: 9%, Zn: 3600ppm

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