Foliar For Rice (Super Grain-25sp) – Vietgro

Foliar For Rice (Super Grain-25sp)

FOLI 1: Super Grain (Mini)
May 10, 2016
Super Demax 5-Star: Foliar For Rice (Super Grain)
May 10, 2016

Fulvic Acid : 25%, Additive: 75%.

  • Fugavic acid helps plant focus on supplying the necessary nutrients for developing grain size and grain firmness before blooming and grain feeding.
  • Reduce grain drop and helps suppress salt stress on rice; increase the coloration: yellow and bright color.
  • Product contains Antibiotic Resistance that enhances plants disease resistance such as Dehyration disease, Panicle Rice Mite and Panicle Blight.
  • Optimize grain size.-Reduce the percentage and amount of broken grains of rice when grinding.-Increase leaf and plant firmness.
  • Increase grain quality.

Fulvic Acid : 25%, Additive: 75%.

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