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Foliar For All Crops: Potaphos 6-30-30

Dried Seaweed Extract Fertilizer
May 11, 2016
Poli 7-5-44+Te: Foliar For All Crops
May 11, 2016

N: 6%, P2O5: 30%, K2O: 30%
Trace Elements (Mg, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, B): 800ppm
GA3: 0.09%

  • Support flowering simultaneously; increase the color quality of (rice) grain: yellow – bright color; enhance quality attributes including plant firmness that keep it from falling down.
  • Supply condensed nutrients for plant, especially
  • Potassium and Phosphorus that absorb nutrients in soil.
  • Decrease acidity; increase mass of living organisms such as developing the root system, creating new cells, making sugar from sunlight (photosynthesis), protite, fatty acid, Vitamin).
  • In citrus and fruit tree: eliminate dried flesh, keep plant fresh longer and shinier.
  • Reduce pest diseases; increase crop quality.

N: 6%, P2O5: 30%, K2O: 30%. Mg: 85 ppm, Cu: 90 ppm, Fe: 90 ppm, Zn: 80 ppm, Mn: 50 ppm, B: 35 ppm, Mo: 30 ppm.

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