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Betonix: Foliar For All Crops (Growing Plants)

Demax 601: Speicalized Foliar For Beans
May 11, 2016
Foliar For All Crops: Super Phos 12-52-10
May 11, 2016
  • Use for rice, fruits, vegetables, ornamental flowers and industrial crops.
  • Provide general nutritions, awaken the dormant state of the cell, increase flowering, fruit setting, vigorous growth of fruits, stems and leaves and early harvest.
  • Boost the germination rate and help bud being strong.
  • Roots grow vigorously for seedlings, marcotting plants, drought and flooded plants.
  • Help fruits being more beautiful and glossier, and preventing the lack of micro-nutrients causing white leaves, rotten – cracked fruit, fruit pigmentation, leaf torsion…

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