16-6-18+Bo+Silic+TE – Vietgro


March 8, 2017
Super Copper Sulfate
April 11, 2017

N: 16%, P2O5: 6%, K2O: 18%, SiO2: 4.5%, B2O3: 50ppm, Fe: 50ppm

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  • Supply the Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, neutrals and macro-nutrients for plant.
  • Help plant growing vigorously, and developing remarkably.
  • Help plants remaining green-thick-smooth stems, especially increasing the leaf surface area.
  • Enhance tillering vigorously, and developing young buds.
  • Support and increase the flowering and fruit setting period.
  • Increase mass of living organisms for fruit feeding. Stimulate the rapid growth of fruit, significantly increase fruit size, and high uniformity

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