17-7-17+Bo+TE – Vietgro


March 8, 2017
March 8, 2017

N: 17%, P2O5:7%, K2O: 17%, S: 6%, SiO2: 3%, B2O3: 50ppm. Các trung vi lượng (TE): (Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn): 100ppm

  • NPK 17-7-17+Bo+TE , is a high-technology product manufactured from imported materials containing the appropriate nutrients for for vigorous development during flowering, fruit feeding, tuber and grain development.
  • Adding various macro-nutrients, neutral and micro-nutrients, especially potassium to enhance flowering, and fruit setting. Optimize fruits size and achieve the highest yield.
  • Promote root, stem and leaf development.
  • Increase latex rubber yield.

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