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Tim Thaid (15-5-15+TE): NPK Compound Fertilizer

ORI 05
April 11, 2016
Sili Ka (Kali Silic): NPK Compound Fertilizer
April 13, 2016

N: 15%, P2O5: 5%, K2O: 15%, SiO2: 8%, S: 8%.

B2O3: 30ppm, CaO: 500ppm, Zn: 30ppm, MgO: 500ppm, Fe: 200ppm.

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  • Adding various macro-nutrients, neutrals and micro-nutrients to enhance fertilizing efficiency.
  • Increasing plant disease resistance, crop yield and quality that contribute to high profit margin and reduce fertilizer expenses.
Guaranteed Analysis

B2O3: 30ppm, CaO: 500ppm, Fe: 200ppm, K2O: 15%, MgO: 500ppm, N: 15%, P2O5: 5%, S: 8%, SiO2: 8%, Zn: 30ppm

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