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CALCIUM CHLORIDE: Foliar For All Crops

Poli 8 CALCIUM BO: Foliar For All Crops
May 12, 2016
Foliar For Bum Fruit
May 12, 2016
  • Support vigorous development of plant in all severe weather conditions.
  • Prevent lack of calcium in plant: Fruit Rot, Fruit-end Rot, Peel Cracking, Leaf Blight Rot (thối bìa lá non), Black Lesions on the pedicel, Bitter Rot, Soft Rots(Damping off) and Frost.
  • Prolong the storage time for agricutural products.
  • Reduce blossom drop; increase fruit-setting rate, crop yield and product quality.

CaCl2.2H2O ≥95%

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