Foliar For Vegetable: Demax 601 – Vietgro

Foliar For Vegetable: Demax 601

Cow Head: Foliar For All Types Of Melon (Increased Fruit Size)
May 11, 2016
FOLI 5: Nourishing Vetegables – Increasing Fruit Size – Measuring Fruit Firmness
May 11, 2016

N: 11.5%, P2O5: 4%, K2O: 4%
Humic Acid: 2%
B: 200 ppm

  • Provide Humate and Humic organic with high doses for helping plants absorb fertilizer quickly, help plants sprouting, tillering vigorously and better photosynthesis.
  • Quick recovery and vigorous root growth.
  • Increase tolerance and fast recovery after pest attack and extreme weather conditions, fast recovery from being affected by alum, organic poisoning, herbicides, pruning, flooding after harvest.
  • Help leaves and stems more stiff; minimize tree falling.
  • Make big fruits and big tubers.
  • Improve productivity and quality of agricultural products.

Humate Kali: 3% (Humic acid: 2%). N: 11%, P2O5: 4%, K2O: 4%. Neutral and Micronutrients: Mg: 100 ppm, S: 500 ppm, Cu: 30 ppm, Fe: 60 ppm, Zn: 50 ppm, Mn: 40 ppm, B: 500 ppm.

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