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April 11, 2016

The great choice for transporting and storing

Bitter gourd “Shorty 01” is a premium bitter gourd variety with excellent quality, good cultivation in all seasons and strong resistance to viral diseases. This variety has a glossy skin with smooth, straight ridges and thick flesh which is ideal for long-distant transportation. Its is short and short which is perfect for growing in small space and on a trellis or fence.

Advantage: ideal for containers outdoors          

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Growing strongly, highly prolific, high uniformity, fruit-bearing with high ratio and very few feeble fruits. Straight thorns, smooth ridges, thick flesh, suitable for long distance travel & no cracking in rainy season. Growing strongly. Tolerating spotted leaves and powdery mildew disease. Usage quantity: 280 – 320 grs/1000m2.


Glossy green, 15 – 17cm long.


35 – 38 days (Harvest duration: 2 months) 4 – 5 kg/plan


4 – 5 kg/plant


Rainy season:1.4 x 0.8 m Sunny season:1.4 x 0.6 m

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