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Super Demax 5-Star: Foliar For Rice (Super Grain)

Foliar For Rice (Super Grain-25sp)
May 10, 2016
VLO9: Foliar For Rice (Branching-Tillering- Budding)
May 10, 2016

N: 8%, P2O5: 9%, K2O: 26%


S:100 ppm, Mn: 50 ppm,

Zn: 100 ppm, B: 100 ppm,

Mo: 50 ppm, Fe: 150 ppm,

Mg: 150 ppm, Cu: 150 ppm.

Extract from Seaweed:

(Alginate: 12.5%, Mannitol,

Betanie, Auxin: 600 ppm.)

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  • Supply the necessary nutrients to increase grain size before blooming and grain feeding.
  • Reduce grain drop; help suppress salt stress on rice and increase the grain colouration: Yellow – Bright color.
  • Prevent the water loss of plant and nutrient loss in soil, epscially help vigorous growth of plant in water shortage and drought weather condition for a long time.
  • Increase plant and leaf firmness.
  • Increase grain quality and weight.

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