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Triple Superphosphate (TSP)

Diammonium Phosphate 60 | DAP 15 – 45
November 10, 2023

Triple Superphosphate (TSP)

  • Appearance: Gray Granular
  • Total P2O5: 46% Min
  • Free Acid: 5.5% Max
  • Moisture: 4.0% Max
  • Particle Size: 2.0-4.75mm

TSP has several agronomic advantages that made it such a popular P source for many years. It has the highest P content of dry fertilizers that don’t contain nitrogen (N). Over 90 percent of the total P in TSP is water soluble, so it becomes rapidly available for plant uptake. As soil moisture dissolves the granule, the concentrated soil solution becomes acidic. TSP also contains 15 percent calcium (Ca), providing an additional plant nutrient.

The Benefits of Triple Superphosphate (TSP):

  • Root Growth
  • Enhanced Resilience
  • Improved Flowers and Seeds
  • Abundance of Nutrients

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