Vietgro | VGO211 – Organic Fertilizer 30OM + NPK 2-1-1


NPK 12-12-17 + TE
November 8, 2023
Ammonium Sulphate (SA) – Capro Grade
November 9, 2023

VGO211 | Organic Fertilizer 30OM NPK 2-1-1

  • Shape: Granular
  • Color: Black
  • Organic Matter: 30% Min
  • N – P – K : 2 – 1 – 1

VGO211 | Organic Fertilizer 30OM NPK 2-1-1

  • It combines environmental, social, and ethical objectives by promoting healthy soil, enhancing plant growth, and avoiding hazardous chemicals.
  • It increases the productivity and growth quality of plants while also preserving soil properties, making it more beneficial than artificial fertilizers.

Why do we need to choose VGO211?

  • Release nutrients slowly, allowing plants to process them naturally and avoid over-fertilizing, which can harm plants.
  • Improve soil drainage and air circulation, and compost to contribute to lawn care while reducing food waste.
  • No danger to children or pets playing in the garden.
  • Reduce soil acidity, do not kill beneficial microorganisms.
  • Improve soil structure and nutrient release.

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